The Empress: Skirt


The perfect skirt to match any chinoiserie corset. The Empress Skirt features a high waist and slit sides that are laced up from waist to hips. 


The Empress Skirt is available as:

  • Standard length: reaching just below your knees (40-59 cm)
  • Midi length: reaching mid calf (60-79 cm)
  • Maxi length: reaching your ankles (80-100 cm)

You can define the exact length you want in the measurements tab.  


I offer two types of ribbon. 

  • Satin ribbon: shiny, strong and available in almost any colour. 
  • Organza ribbon: lightweight and magical, but not very durable and the amount of colours is limited. 


Tell me which colour or colours you'd like your piece to be. 

If you're looking for a specific piece of fabric you've seen me use, message me to check its availability. 


For this piece, I need your following measurements. 

  1. Waist: the circumference around the narrowest part of your waist. 
  2. Butt: the circumference around the fullest part of your bum. 
  3. Skirt length: the preferred length of your skirt, measured from your waist straight down to the bottom of the skirt you want.  

E.g, "1. 70cm 2. 95cm 3. 70cm"