Sprinkling magic on your wardrobe while questing for the holy mother of corsets. 


The business of one slightly too passionate studio hermit in the Netherlands. Hi, I'm Evie. Nice to meet you. 







Ordering a Custom Piece


I promise you, it's easy. I just need a couple of things from you.



From this page, choose which style piece you want to order.


Speficy which colour(s) or vibe you're looking for. 


With the help of this page, take the required measurements



Send me this information, either through Instagram or email. I will get back to you as soon as I'm physically able with an assorment of fabrics for you to choose from. Once you've chosen your fabrics and we've settled on a design, I will keep you updated throughout the whole process to guarantee your corset dream becomes reality. 





Worldwide Delivery


Tracked & Insured

The Netherlands | €4,-

The EU | €18,-

The United Kingdom | €23,-

Basically Everywhere Else | €30,-


Dispatch in 1-2 business days.