Patio Pixie


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The Patio Pixie is a slightly cropped corset with a heart shaped front and breast curvature. She's made from one or multiple fabrics, is laced in the front and possibly the back. She features a light curve over the belly. 


The Pixie is designed to be a strapless corset, but if you feel more secure wearing straps or if you simply like the look of straps, be sure to add them.  Besides functioning as regular straps, you can wear these off-shoulder or detach them from your corset when you like. 


The Patio Pixie can be made from a single or multiple fabrics. I do not count the upper/bottom hem in the total fabric count.

Hover over the below items to see their fabric count. 


The Pixie corset is available with front, back or front and back lacing. 


Eyelets are the little metal rings through which the ribbons are strung. I offer four different colours: gold, silver, bronze or anthracite


I offer two types of ribbon. 

  • Satin ribbon: shiny, strong and available in almost any colour. 
  • Organza ribbon: lightweight and magical, but not very durable and the amount of colours is limited. 


A peplum is a strip of decorative fabric hanging down from the waist. 

  • Ruffle Peplum: a thin strip of fabric with a poofy ruffle. 
  • Flowy Peplum: a broad strip of fabric with a subtle ruffle. 
  • Laced Flowy Peplum: a flowy peplum with a lace trim on the bottom. 


A trim is an eleborate piece of fabric meant to decorate your piece even further. For the Pixie, you can choose to put them on the top, bottom or both. 

If you've chosen a peplum, you can still choose a bottom trim. It will be placed on top of the peplum. 


I use layered lace butterflies with metallic detailing that I purchase from an Etsy seller. I sew these onto the corset with an assortment of beads: pearly white, gold, silver, or whichever bead fits your corset.

If you do want butterflies, but detachable from your corset, you can buy them as pins or hair pins instead.  


Tell me which colour or colours you'd like your piece to be. If you have a preference, you may also want to specify  colour in terms of warm or cold; bright or desaturated; light or dark. 

E.g. "dark red", "cool light pink", "vibrant blue"


For this piece, I need your following measurements. If you need help measuring yourself, you can ask me for help through Instagram or email

  1. Bust: the circumference around the fullest part of your breasts. 
  2. Waist: the circumference around the narrowest part of your waist. 
  3. Armpit to waist: the length from your armpit down to your waist. 
  4. Shoulder to armpit*: the length from your shoulder down to your armpit. 

E.g, "1. 90cm 2. 70cm 3. 22cm 4. 16cm"

*If you're ordering a strapless corset, you can leave out the last measurement.