Jellyfish Puffs


Jellyfish Puffs are extravagantly oversized puff sleeves, perfect for garden parties, royal gatherings, frolicking about in a forest, shopping groceries, reading a book... Their use is endless really. If you're like me, you'll just want to wear them all day every day and feel like a princess everywhere you go. 


Specify the amount of puffs you want. The regular Jellypuff has a single poof on your upper arm. The Double Puff has two poofs on top of each other, both on your upper arm. 


Instead of folding the fabric to the inside, I can put a lace trim on the top and bottom of the sleeves. While it might not be obvious, a single pair of Jellypuffs uses up 4 meters of lace. 


Tell me in which colour you want your sleeves. I normally don't have many light weight fabrics in stock, so once you've ordered, I will source fabrics until I find one you love. 


For this piece, I need your following measurements. If you need help measuring yourself, you can ask me for help through Instagram or email

  1. Bicep to Wrist: the length from your bicep to your wrist.  
  2. Bicep: the circumference around the fullest part of your bicep. 
  3. Wrist: the circumference around the narrowest part of your wrist.

E.g, "1. 42cm 2. 27cm 3. 16cm"