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Piece F169 is my original Barbie inspired piece. She's made from a soft, virgin wool in an intense pink colour. Her breast inserts (the little soft pink triangles) are pure silk, made from an Italian skirt I thrifted. The hems are all finished by hand and I completed the top with glass beads at the bottom. 


The pants are made to fit tight. They're low waist and wide legged. The front is adorned with rosequartz beads. You can see them in more detail on the pictures below. 



The top fits a large S to a small L.

S for a comfy fit, L for a tight fit with exposed curves. 


The pants fit size XS to a small M

XS for a comfy fit, M for a tight fit. 

They're 80 cm (31.5 in) around the hips, 94 cm (37 in) around the butt and 98 cm (38.6 in) top to bottom. I recommend only buying the pants if your measurements are equal to or smaller than mine.   


For reference, check out Evie's measurements page.