Queen's Collar


The Queen's Collar is a regal-looking neck adornment that holds its shape. It perfectly compliments the Queen of Hearts , but can just as well be combined with another corset or be worn as a solo item. 


If you want your Collar to have more of a Chinese vibe, you can give her one or two pairs of tassles. I embellish the tassles with beads that match the Collar; and corset if you've ordered one. 


I personally love the look of a double hem, but it's really just a detail for those keen of eye. A rim of colour between your main fabric and upper hem. 


The Collar normally has a shell made of a single fabric, which is often plenty enough. If you want more colour, opt for a multi fabric Collar. 


For your Collar I only need one measurement: the circumference of your neck, measured at your neck's base.