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THIS was the fabric that made me want to learn sewing and this was also the outfit I had in mind whenever I saw the fabric. That is more than two years ago now, but only now did I dare try to make pants. I only had a limited amount of this fabric and I was afraid to waste it. But I finally tried and I couldn't be happier with the result. It's literally as good as I had imagined, which in my experience only rarely happens.

For this set I used a beautiful brocade curtain and the trim of an antique lamp, both remnant from past century. I had meant to make this set for me, to be my own special set, but she turned out a bit larger than expected, and rather than making her smaller, I think she should go to someone taller and curvier than I am. 

The set is finished with an original FEEE tag, bedazzled on brocade, located on the right shoulder blade. 


This set includes the corset and trousers. 



She fits a small M to a large L

M for a comfortable fit, L for a tight fit with exposed curves. 

For reference, check out Evie's measurements page.